Bekah: Spotlight
May 13, 2024.2 min read
by FruitCast Team

Meet Rebekah (Bekah)

Project Manager

Meet Rebekah, an invaluable addition to our FruitCast team. Rebekah came aboard in July 2023, stepping into the role of Project Manager. She plays an essential role across all projects, ensuring each one reaches its fullest potential. With a keen eye on deadlines and finances, Rebekah makes a significant impact on our team's success.

After completing her Biology degree from the University of Lincoln, she transitioned into agricultural research. She incorporates this knowledge into her daily tasks, providing significant benefits to our farmers. Rebekah enjoys working onsite at Riseholme farm, especially to see the lambs. She is passionate about working with the team and has a positive relationship with everyone.

I love working with the team and seeing the impact our work has on the farmers. It's a great feeling to know that we're making a difference in the agricultural industry.

Outside of work, Rebekah finds joy in hiking, reading and playing Dungeons and Dragons, where she's an active participant in our gaming community. Rebekah holds a black belt in karate, standing tall as our very own 4ft11" protector.

Together, Rebekah and the FruitCast team are working to bring you the best in agricultural technology. We're excited to have her on board and can't wait to see what the future holds for our team.