Matthew: Spotlight
June 03, 2024.2 min read
by FruitCast Team

Meet Matthew

Research Assistant

Introducing Matthew, our dedicated research assistant here at FruitCast. Matthews' role involves weekly visits to the farms we collaborate with, where he meticulously records the growth cycle of strawberries. This data is then transferred into our system for verification.

Matthew’s physical presence on the farm not only facilitates the collection of accurate data but also maintains strong relationships with our partner farmers. He guides them through our app, maintains regular email correspondence, and communicates feedback so FruitCast can efficiently react to customers needs. This ultimately empowers farmers to optimise their yields.

Matthew joined our team in May 2022, bringing with him prior experience in the agriculture sector, particularly in measuring the growth cycle of potatoes. With an undergraduate degree in Physics and Astronomy from the University of Nottingham and a Masters analysing x-ray rockets for NASA at the Open University. Matthew’s academic background has equipped him to excel in his current role, supporting many research and development projects at FruitCast.

I love the opportunity to work with UK farmers and see the impact our work has on their crop yields. It's a great feeling to know that we're making a difference in the agricultural industry.

Originally from Derby, Matthew thrives in our office environment. He enjoys the hands-on nature of his work, appreciating the opportunity to collaborate directly with farmers across different regions. This contributes to his extensive knowledge of strawberry crop lifecycles.

Outside of work, Matthew enjoys a variety of hobbies, ranging from fencing and archery to his musical pursuits. He finds joy in a cosy movie night, with a fondness for timeless Disney classics. Matthew proudly holds the esteemed title of Guitar Hero Champion the East Midlands.

Together, Matthew and the FruitCast team are working to bring you the best in agricultural technology.