Mohit: Spotlight
May 28, 2024.2 min read
by FruitCast Team

Meet Mohit

Computer Vision Engineer

Introducing Mohit! As one of our Computer Vision Engineers, Mohit’s primary focus revolves around extracting information from strawberries and other crop imagery. This includes vital data such as maturity, phenological information, shape, size and weight, all non-destructively. The information extracted significantly contributes to our farmer's yield forecasting, maximising their crop output, taking advantage of the scale of collected data.

Mohit’s work is made possible through the use of GPUs, advanced chipsets, state-of-the-art neural networks and purpose built in-house sensing equipment. Combining this with the world's most accurate weather forecasting technology allows the generation of insights never before made available to farmers.

Originally from Pune, India, Mohit joined our team in March 2022. Initially on a six-month placement in London before relocating to our Riseholme office in Lincoln. He holds an undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering and a Master’s in Data Analysis from Queen Mary University of London. His academic background has equipped him to excel in his current role, supporting many research and development projects at FruitCast.

Thriving in our fast-paced office environment, Mohit enjoys the ability to create and implement features, witnessing the impact first-hand. As our team continues to expand, he has used his skills to embrace diverse challenges, elevating his professional journey.

I love the opportunity to work on a variety of projects and the chance to learn new things every day.

Beyond the office walls, Mohit enjoys hiking and maintaining his active lifestyle. He dedicates time to research journals to integrate into his work alongside non-fiction reading. Notably, he possesses a passion for unconventional culinary combinations, famously concocting salad-cake hybrids and having a fondness for ketchup, earning him the endearing title of our “sauce-alcoholic”.